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Christmas Cake – How to Make Marzipan

In Food & Drink on April 9, 2002 at 1:01 pm

Using the cake from the Classic Christmas Cake recipe, this recipe shows how to make marzipan, as well as how to put it on the cake.


400 g Ground almonds
240 g Granulated sugar
240 g Confectioner’s sugar
2 Medium egg yolks
2 Medium eggs
1 t Lemon juice
6 drops Vanilla essence
4 drops Almond essence
1 t Brandy or Irish whiskey
Apricot jam or similar to give the marzipan something to stick to on the cake.


Lightly coat the cake with apricot or apple jelly, and allow to set.
Sift the sugars into a large bowl to remove lumps.
Add almonds and stir well.
Beat eggs and add to the mixture.
Add lemon juice, vanilla and almond essence, and alcohol.
Mix well, ensuring a smooth, non-lumpy finish.
Sprinkle a board with confectioner’s sugar, and knead mixture until smooth.
Using a piece of string, measure the diameter and the height of the cake.
Roll out with a rolling pin to the correct size, and apply to the cake: not too thick, not too thin.
Smooth out the marzipan, and finish with a hot knife (bowl of boiling water) if required.


You can cover the top and then the sides by rolling out the marzipan, place cake on the marzipan and cut to the correct diameter. Put to one side. Roll out the remaining marzipan in a long thin strip the height of your cake and form around the side/s of the cake. Place the top over and smooth the joints. Put the cake uncovered in a warm spot to dry the marzipan coating before icing the next day (or, if time, store cake for about a week in a cool, dry place until ready for icing). This will allow the oil in the almonds to dry out and prevent leeching through the icing.


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