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Cavalier Poets

In Media on January 21, 2009 at 3:58 pm

In our ‘Reading Room’ there is a volume entitled “Uncle John’s Big Bathroom Reader“. Packed with facts, articles, and trivia, it is sometimes reluctantly that myself and others leave the room (not that this is a room where more than one person is ‘active’ at the same time). It (and the 10+ other volumes of the series) is an essential cistern companion.

e.g. Did you know that for many years the Egyptian steam trains were fueled by discarded mummies? Apparently there were so many mummies (a very popular preservation method after shuffling off this mortal coil) being dug up that the conservative estimate is there were something like half a million of these things just laying around doing mummified things. No coal to really speak of in Egypt, what is Casey Jones to do?

My favourite extract from today’s reading is from the well known Cavalier Poet, Sir John Suckling. Here it is in its full glory:

Love is the fart
Of every heart:
It pains a man when ’tis kept close,
And others doth offend, when ’tis let loose.

Somehow I do not think he made it to be Poet Laureate…


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