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Heavy Snow in UK

In Life & Style on February 2, 2009 at 9:35 am

Photo taken in the Costa del Sol a few weeks ag

Oh dear. Oh dear. Oh dear. Oh dear.

and passengers are advised not to travel unless their journey is essential.

What is it with the UK? I have just been looking at the various news reports of the ‘heavy snow’, ‘dangerous driving conditions’, and ‘severe weather’ forecasts. Amongst these there are several videos that show the ‘heavy snow’ etc. I will make a couple of comments with the clear note that there may be some locations where this is the case.

This is NOT ‘heavy snow’. Maybe for the UK but other countries with far heavier snow are more prepared for this event. e.g. 3 FEET of snow is typical for other locations. People knew of this well in advance. Stating something rather obvious, how about NOT driving for starters? I am sure people will say “I HAVE to go to work”. Yes, you may, but is it really worth it? All that will probably happen if you do get into work unscathed is you are going to sit around talking about how bad the snow is, what a tough journey you had getting in, talking about the different incidents you saw, worrying about how you plan to get home, wondering where some people are etc. Meanwhile, the sensible people will be at home either catching some zzzzzzzzzz’s or making snowmen with their families.

Looking at the videos it is very clear that there are many poorly trained and prepared drivers. I am fairly certain that the majority do not have a shovel or are appropriately prepared for their car breaking down or getting stuck in some way. Quite frankly, I have no sympathy for them whatsoever. Snow tyres/chains are available. Are they not aware of being able to pull away from standstill in a lower gear? Clearly, there are huge gaps both in DSA training and in drivers learning/preparedness for ‘unusual’ events.

I am confident that people will make comments like “Well this does not happen regularly” or “This does not happen often” and so on. Absolute nonsense. It happens and people are clearly unprepared for the event. It is simply poor planning, training, and decision making. Get over it and stop whinging.


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