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IE8 Incompatibility Issue

In Technology on February 19, 2009 at 12:14 pm

There are lots of postings and gloating in relation to the fact that one of the sites that is incompatible with Internet Explorer 8 is in fact As a long time FireFox user I will try to refrain from gloating myself.

Where I DO have issue though is with the fact that Microsoft are clearly failing to ensure backward compatibility that has the potential to create huge amounts of work for none-compliant sites and will affect a lot of people’s surfing and web experience. The visible blame will fall upon the web site owners.

The cause (as I understand it) is due to a failure by MS to comply with standards. As a result web designers and coders have had to work around these with earlier versions of Internet Explorer and much of this is hard-coded into their sites.

Now MS have a list of ‘incompatible’ sites. Amongst these are some ‘minor’ ones such as –,, EBay, FaceBook…

My position on this is quite simple. It is clearly the responsibility of MS to ensure that THEIR code is compatible with the web sites. After all, it is their failure to enforce ‘standards’ in the first place that is causing this ‘problem’. As examples, it would be akin to a petrol/gas company saying that all cars need to be fitted with a special adapter because they have changed the formula of the petrol (yes I know about catalytic converters) or someone determining that text …should be read this way…


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