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Barclays Gags the Guardian re tax

In Business & Finance on March 20, 2009 at 1:29 pm

There has been a lot of press coverage regarding the Barclays tax dodging (BIG time) and their gagging of the Guardian for having these on their web site. The justification of this gagging order was that the documents were ‘business confidential’ and that they had not been on the interwebtubenets long enough to be considered in the public domain.

Well, the interwebtubenets being what it is… they can be found here. Scroll own for the PDF’s.

They certainly make interesting reading.

The amounts run into billions. As one person pointed out, the real problem is that the UK Inland Revenue Service pay a tax ‘specialist’ 40k sterling. the guy behind the complex schemes earns about 40 million…

Here is the main article re the Guardian investigations.

Pass it on, it is certainly not a secret any more.


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