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Law and Disorder – disgraceful

In Business & Finance, Law and Order on April 3, 2009 at 10:33 am

I recently posted regarding the Climate Camp and the way the police used excessive force and creative reasons to stop, detain, and attack people.

The mainstream media has not really covered the protest events and incidents taking place around the G20 meeting with true openness and impartiality. A simple check will show how little of the real protest was covered. the main focus was on a true minority who committed acts of vandalism. These few provided the ‘reason’ for the police to act against the predominantly peaceful protesters.

Unfortunately, in the same manner as the behaviour at the Climate Camp, the police can be seen to use excessive force and plain violence without clear excuse. It is important to watch this video before commenting…

There is a distinct difference between upholding and maintaining law and order and the use of violent force to quell a peaceful demonstration. Note the use of the edge of a riot shield to strike someone who is holding their arms in the air.

This is simple violent thuggery to repress a democratic right to protest. Good grief.


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