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I love Anonymous commentators

In Humour on August 9, 2009 at 10:24 am

Today I received this from a visitor to the site who ended up on my posting of Michael Jackson jokes:

“You’re a faggot, he didn’t do anything wrong to you. Go f**k yourself, douche bag. Show some respect and take this down.”

Sadly it would appear that freedom of speech is something this person is not a supporter of. Nor do they have a sense of humor or the cajones to stand by their comments and identify themselves

However, they surf the internet with zero security using their Mac. If I wanted to I would be able to publish their full details online (name, address, etc all openly available) but I will not.

For everyone delight and delectation I will publish their search criteria for finding my posting of Michael Jackson jokes and their partial IP – 98.222.1??.#:

Lisa marie michael jackson presley said he could make you scream until you couldn’t scream anymore in bed.”

Clearly someone who gets through a lot of tissues… You should get out on a Saturday night. I understand there are some good places in Wichita and the surrounding area. Drifters is supposed to be OK’ish although Grandma’s kitchen may not be your style…

BTW Safari 1.3 is Waaay out of date…

Also, you missed the other Jackson postings. Here they are for you and “No”, I will not take them down. In particular, I will point you to the one link here.

Get a life, get a sense of humor, get some computer security, don’t spend too much time on the corner of River and 120.

  1. Now THIS is funny! G

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