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Now all we need is for them to be made from budgie cages…

In Media, Travel on March 6, 2010 at 12:20 pm

… anyone from Oz will understand… here.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in Oz (the land of the not so free because we are watching you for your own safety) someone has been busted for listening to music that others found offensive. I think the cops must have had their Hoon / Bogan scopes on or something and did not like the look of the guy. Personally I think he is a bit of a Bodgie myself…

I am trying to work out if I would find the following lyrics (from Kid Selzy‘s album ‘The Creepshow) offensive because (apparently) they are not supposed to be…

“shut your f—— mouth bitch, f—— motherf—–“.

From this album…

… or whether it is the lack of originality in subject matter that is offensive. This sort of thing has been done before elsewhere and in a far better way. Otherwise the music is ‘OK’.


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