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New Pepper Seeds

In Home and Garden on April 12, 2010 at 12:04 pm

With great excitement I opened a padded envelope from Germany a short while ago.

Inside were five packets of chili seeds. These are varieties I did not have and bring my variety collection to about 38 different types. I suspect I shall be doing some planting of seeds a little later.

Three types of Bhut Jolokia (Orange, Chocolate, and Red), a Naga Morich, and Big Sweet Spitzpaprika. I shall be charting their progress when I finalise my “How to grow chilies” or “How to grow chili plants” section I am working on… for the blog.

A big thank you to TF and also to SJ from Germany for these…

Happy as a pig in muck or (as she who must be obeyed said) “You nearly wet your pants with excitement.”

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