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In Home and Garden on May 3, 2010 at 2:21 pm

With the sun going all shiny and hot now, the roof terrace is throwing out some really nice plants like these Andalusian Mesembryanthemum (to be technically correct they are of the genus Drosanthemum). Most of the time, the plants themselves are a silvery, green-grey with stems that snap as soon as you look at them but, for a short time at least, they give out a stunning display of colour. There are locations in the surrounding hills where huge wild patches of these have formed and these can normally be seen from several kilometers away.

As the comment below shows, there are many versions and names for this wonderful plant e.g., Here. Ours are much more vibrant in colour than those I have seen elsewhere…

  1. Surely mesembryanthemum is the old-fashioned succulent creeper known as PIGFACE? (Not that's there's anything wrong with that…

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