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Show Me The Way To Amaryllis

In Home and Garden on May 3, 2010 at 1:45 pm

Or is it Hippeastrum?

It takes only a short time for the rise in temperature to have a good effect upon our roof terrace. Here is but one of our Amarylis. While working in the Netherlands I visited Keukenhof in Lisse with my very good friends G & S and had a wonderful day of flowers. Unable to resist the temptation I bought several smallish bulbs that, in a few years, have grown to an impressive size and thrown out a couple of side bulbs which are now about the size of the original ‘bulb’ and should flower later this year or early next. While they normally flower indoors during the winter months, here in Spain it is not uncommon (in our experience) for our bulbs to flower two or even three times. As can be seen below, that is one impressive flower that is the size of a car hub cap. What cannot be seen is that there is another flower of the same size and two others forming behind it. The reds and yellows are trying to bud too.

If you have one of these and are unsure of the type/name, then there is a site of varieties/cultivars here. These are beautiful beyond what the photos show. In a week they will be gone… now, if I could only remember where I put the label to help identify it…


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