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How to get rid of ants (again)

In Home and Garden on May 31, 2010 at 12:14 pm

Last year we had an ant invasion. As the temperature here in Spain has risen (it is about 36C outside) they are on the lookout for water… for some, this is now even a problem … how about a house full of bees… here. I particularly love the bit at the end…

Incidentally, this was all sparked off after we were invaded by black ants the other day. I used my tried and tested method to get rid of them and now there are perhaps two or three strays wandering around the kitchen walls. Trust me, this really does work. For areas where there is a risk of a surface being marked (e.g., a white kitchen surface), simply use paper towels or toilet roll to protect the surface before using the method.

The main reason (and ‘normal’ route into a house) ants come into a house is to find water. Invariably it is the water or electrical piping that they use as a super-highway in order to get inside.


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