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London Underground (the Tube) in German

In Humour, Information on June 26, 2011 at 9:01 am

Austrian (‘Aus train’ – 🙂 ) university librarian Horst Prillinger … has some fascinating posts on his blog here. Quite a few years ago (about 2004/5 I think) he humourously re-imagined how the London Underground would be named had the Germans won the 2nd World War. Here is the original posting which German speakers will find amusing and for those who do not, a little time spent with translation will show you the wit of some of the names. PDF’s of the real London Underground can be found here.

Some additional versions could be (sorry for these!):

Maida Vale – Aus Bier Gemacht
High Barnet – Hochhaar
Vauxhall – Opel
Southgate – Elfmeterfehler.

There are some more serious ones here.

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