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Spite Houses

In Home and Garden on September 25, 2011 at 9:47 am

Spite houses are constructions built to ´spite´ someone in order to deny them access to a view, another piece of land, or as a result of dispute between two neighbours. Perhaps the most famous of these can be seen here. While not a true ´spite house´ the construction of a 40 feet high fence around someone else´s home would perhaps be sufficient enough reason to call in the lawyers or town planners.

The one shown in the picture above was constructed in order to deny carts and wagons access through to another street. The full story is here and the slide-show is certainly worth viewing.

New York had perhaps the most famous of these the Frederick’s Tyler-Spite House… here, while Alameda, California also has their own here.

Some of the homes are rather small… hopefully not as small as this one here. Or even the smallest hotel in the world in Amberg, Bavaria… here.

Wikipedia has many more examples of these here.

Out of spite, out of mind… so to speak.


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