The Internet Times Supplement

A Cornucopia Of Links #32

In Technology on January 13, 2012 at 1:00 pm

1. 10 books to change/sharpen your mind… hmmm… perhaps… here. Comments are revealing.

2. Friends do not let friends walk drunk… better to let them drive drunk… here.

3. What pepper spray does to your body… here.

4. The Mystery Behind Anesthesia… here.

5. Public understanding of science is terrible… and politicians take advantage of that… here.

6. The Guardian Photographs of the year – 2011 – here.

7. Why all chilies are not hot… here.

8. Your government will explain why it is legal to kill you… apparently they will not… here.

9. The public (not) face of democracy in action… here. (or ‘it is my ball and I am taking it home’)

10. A trillion dollars on security… and? Here.

11. 2011 in review – The Year Secrecy Jumped The Shark… here.

12. The Tether Stemware Saver… here.

13. Dyslexie = A new font for dyslexics… here.

14. Climate change and evolution… here.

15. The Best Credit Cards of 2011… here.

16. Shocking stuff… here. For me, I say ‘Why?’… hilarious… not.

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