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Sign Of The Times – Competition

In Technology on March 26, 2012 at 2:59 pm

OK, this is important. The rules are simple.

1. The winner will be the person who provides a picture which is the best mathematical formula based upon the distances shown on the road sign OR considered very clever/witty…

1a. The photograph MUST be a real road sign anywhere in the world.

2. To avoid endangering yourself and/or others, the photograph MUST be taken safely. Where possible, proof MUST be visible in the photograph that you were not driving when the picture was taken. Equally, you must not place yourself in danger in order to get the photograph.

3. I will think of an appropriate prize. The competition will end 22nd April 2012.

The photograph below is what prompted me to run this competition. I thought it clever. However, I am sure someone can better this… can you? To enter, leave a comment (which will NOT be published) with your email address and I will provide you with an email address to send your entry to.




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