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American Seed Company At Risk Of Disappearing

In Business & Finance, Home and Garden on May 1, 2012 at 6:32 pm

NPR has a program ‘Here & Now‘ and they recently interviewed the CEO of Landreth Seeds regarding a lawsuit being brought against the company. Should this actions prove successful, America’s oldest seed company is at risk of disappearing and their seed inventory sold off. The impact of this for rare and heritage seed stock sourcing is likely to be unbelievably bad.

If you, like me, garden for a hobby and / or to grow food, it is in your interest to ensure this does not happen. Buy their catalog and order some seeds to help this company out or the choices available to you will become restricted and possibly disappear forever. Instead you will be faced with options from some seed companies who have outsourced the production to China.

I ordered some seeds from one of these companies and received seed packets where the information was hardley legible due to the clear lack of any quality control. If such a basic thing is allowed to take place, what oversight is there regarding the quality of the seeds produced. Given the high prices of some of the seeds I received, I feel let down by a (purportedly) reputable mainstream seed company. The proof will of course come at germination and harvest time. However, next year I will ensure I am more selective re the companies I buy from and will certainly not be buying my seeds from them next year.


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