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In Blogging, Technology on October 8, 2012 at 8:53 am

Man sitting alone in a room full of people yet not interacting directly with anyone around him. Girl wandering around taking photo of  cityscape and posting it to social media site. Other, equally disjointed people clicking on a button to show appreciation of rather mundane buildings with no real redeeming qualities. This scene, played out day after day across the world, is rather like the type of people and the scenario portrayed. Sad, sad, sad… and I posted something about it… shake head and wander off muttering to self re the sorry state of human interchange in a ‘civilised’ world…

What IS needed is something far simpler… a ” ‘Get A Life’ Jacket” rather than this… here.

There are several logical extensions to this which are immediately obvious. My personal favourite would be “Like-A Reality Slap” which would be provided free to anyone buying anything which has the potential to make them look and act like the plank they do not realise they are about to become…

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