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Brilliant Viral Marketing Campaign…

In Advertising on October 18, 2012 at 8:00 am

Sometimes a marketing campaign is so good it deserves extra attention. The (supposed) rant by a man on the BodyForm website resulted in a (supposed) response from the CEO (supposed) of BodyForm…



There is one minor fly in the ointment though. The humour of this scenario dates back to an old chestnut of a joke that even I can remember. It goes something like:… more.

Three guys in jail sharing a cell. They are just beginning life sentences.

The first guy pulls out a deck of cards and says, “We’re going to be here a long time, so when we get bored we can play poker.”
The second guy says, “Great idea. I brought a harmonica, so when we get sad I can play a song to cheer us up.”
The third guy pulls out a box of tampons. “What the hell are they for?” ask the first two guys.
“Well, it says on the back that I can ride, swim, ski, and play tennis with these.”

The interwebnettubes. Encapsulation of everything in time and everything since it began… there should be an additional ‘Dark Side’ protocol layer for the bad jokes which seep out in varying forms now and again. It is where I would put cat videos…


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