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Daily Mail Egregious Errors – The Hilarious Edition

In News on January 1, 2013 at 8:00 am

UPDATE: Since writing this, the DM have today excelled themselves… here. Read the titles to the photographs….


In the past I have posted a selection of errors published by the UK’s Daily Mail. Note the word ‘selection’. If you visit their web site and begin surfing their articles it is very apparent that they pay scant regard to any form of publishing standards relating to the checking of their content. We ALL make mistakes when typing and there is no such thing as ‘perfect’. HOWEVER, when the sheer number of errors displayed reaches a tipping point it is important to ask some basic questions regarding the veracity of the articles published.

The DM, known critically by many as the ‘Daily Wail’ for its persistent whining about certain topics and as the ‘Daily Fail’ due to its lack of any proper controls over content, used to be seen as a stolid, unexciting, and rather boring newspaper read by individuals who were staid and unambitious, ‘middle of the road’, conservative (with a small AND big ‘C’), plus every other epithet you could possibly think of for those viewed as dullards. Now it has discovered the Internets and embraced the various methods used by web sites to determine its content popularity, as well as the careful placement of articles in prominent positions, with carefully culled comments and poll results, to ensure any messages and opinions espoused by the owners are put forward effectively. As a result, “Britain’s most read news source” has become a mockery of itself. Many articles/postings often contradict each other (even themselves) with opposing views and ‘facts’ (get used to the air quotes which you will automatically place with your own mind when you read any ‘fact’ published in the DM). There is even a web site which is completely dedicated to the Daily Mail’s contradictory claims re cancer. The “Kill or Cure” web sites goal is “Help to make sense of the Daily Mail’s ongoing effort to classify every inanimate object into those that cause cancer and those that prevent it.“.

When the DM gets its claws out for a celebrity their ‘celebrity news’ section brings out the most banal and childish petty comments that make you wonder whether their intended audience is out of diapers/nappies yet or possibly had a frontal lobotomy.

But I digress. This is something it is easy to do with the DM as their articles often digress as well…

This posting is to relaunch the continued series of Daily Mail Egregious Errors which I will be regularly featuring this year. There are many jingoistic and pompous outpourings by the DM about the importance of British identity, how the EU is a drain on the UK’s economy and way of life (minor things like the EU Convention On Human Rights being one example), and their continued rah-rah support for the UK Royal Family.

However, spend any time reading the DM and you quickly realise that a lot of their content is bought in from ‘content farms’ as filler, scant attention is paid to what is posted, and much of the editing is clearly performed off-shore by ‘copy editors’ for whom English is not a first language. It is perhaps ‘Hinglish‘ or something very similar. Whatever it is, the DM is short-changing their readers by presenting poor quality content which is not being edited by professional copy editors. In short, their claim to being a British news source is somewhat tenuous when it gives employment to non-British ‘copy editors’.

(It is important to note that I am NOT a copy editor or involved in publishing)

Everyone makes mistakes. The DM does so with embarrassing regularity and publicly shames itself by its failure to remedy these. The ‘DM Egregious Errors’ postings aim to highlight this. Perhaps one day they will actually employ professional editors to correct these as they are simply inexcusable. So, without further comment, here is an introduction.

With the ‘Hilarious Edition’ I highlight one aspect of the DM’s poor journalistic standards (the last two words being an oxymoron in the DM’s case) by their overuse of a phrase or phrases. The DM are accidental ‘masters’ of the hyperbole… Note these were gleaned over a short period of time and will make you wonder exactly what the word ‘hilarious’ is supposed to mean… Enjoy…

01 - Hilarity

02 - Hilarity03 - Hilarity  04 - Hilarity  06 - Hilarity

Something is not quite right with this title…

07 - Hilarity

08 - Hilarity09 - Hilarity

10 - Hilarity

11 - Hilarity

12 - Hilarity 13 - Hilarity 14 - Hilarity

15 - Hilarity

16 - Hilarity 17 - Hilarity 18 - Hilarity 19 - Hilarity

20 - Hilarity

21 - Hilarity 22 - Hilarity 23 - Hilarity 24 - Hilarity 25 - Hilarity 26 - Hilarity 27 - Hilarity 28 - Hilarity 29 - Hilarity 30 - Hilarity 31 - Hilarity 32 - Hilarity 33 - Hilarity 34 - Hilarity 35 - Hilarity 36 - Hilarity

37 - Hilarity 38 - Hilarity 39 - Hilarity 40 - Hilarity

NOTE THE BONUS EDITING ERRORS IN THE ABOVE SNIPPET “…who’s gripped…” and the abrupt ending to the picture tag.

41 - Hilarity

ANOTHER BONUS abrupt ending to an article headline… Shetland what? (It is a pony incidentally)

42 - Hilarity 43 - Hilarity


44 - Hilarity 45 - Hilarity 46 - Hilarity

And there are some bonus “Hysterical” headlines…






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