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It is A Matter Of Trust

In Business & Finance, Life & Style, Media, Politics on January 23, 2013 at 8:00 am

The Media is the ONLY sector to see an increase in trust. China’s media trust is at 73%??? Elsewhere, it is finance which has seen a ‘significant decline’. Makes you wonder why… some more information here. For a company which has dissemination of information as part of their remit, their choice of methods is somewhat surprising. Not everyone has a Scribd account where they have their executive summary here. Also, their infographic format makes it difficult for a user to easily view their presentation.

Note that I have embedded to the ‘infographic’ below but have included some grabs from it for reference and simplicity purposes. Be aware that I experienced ‘odd’ browser behaviour after I loaded (and unloaded) the graphic.

With the above in mind I have included some of the infographic here for readablity, assessment, and analysis purposes only. The global results are here and there is much more information here:

Trust1 Trust2 Trust3 Trust4 Trust5a Trust5b Trust6a Trust6b Trust7

The infographic.


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