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Chinese New Year – Chinatown, Philadelphia

In America, Food & Drink, Life & Style, Travel on February 11, 2013 at 8:00 am

Over the weekend we spent some time with friends in Philadelphia. We left behind the droppings of Winter Storm “Nemo” which had been oversold by the local news and weather channels to an almost alarmist degree. What is it with the accuracy of the ‘forecasters’ who clearly failed abysmally to give a true and accurate forecast over such a wide area? There were many conflicting reports which provided contradictory information such as “Expect dry conditions for the next six hours” (when a simple look out of the window and a check with other people by phone over a wide area locally indicates heavy ice/rain/snow is falling), “the temperature is not going to fall below freezing” (when it had been for several hours across the region), and “expect one to two inches of snow” (when it is already at 3 – 4 inches). We ended up with about 6 inches.




On Saturday evening we had an amazing Ramen meal for which my stomach was eternally happy. Thanks to TL for this delicious meal:




More after the link…

On Sunday we ventured into Chinatown in Philly to see the celebrations, have lunch, and do some shopping. Given that it was Chinese New Year and that there was a large convention taking place we were not expecting it to be easy to find a parking space. We found a parking lot where the charge was $20 and, just as the guy was about to gives us a ticket and take out money a space appeared on the street further down. For FREE! Excellent karma!  We made our way to the restaurant through the very crowded streets. The meal was incredible to say the least with a good mix of dishes which were all excellent.












I was concerned that we would miss the parade. This was completely unfounded, here the dragon/s entering our restaurant.






… note the cabbage is used to represent wealth with the folded packages representing ingots of gold…




Plus there are the almost obligatory fire crackers.




LOTS of firecrackers…




Then of course we went shopping for Chinese foods to take home… Happy Chinese New Year.


Thank you to M, T, and P for a wonderful weekend.


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