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The Daily Fail – Number 002

In Media on February 12, 2013 at 8:00 am

As part of an ongoing series, the screengrabs here have been collected from the web site of the UK ‘newspaper’ The Daily Mail. Forget any sense of Britishness, any sense of pride in a job done well, the ‘DM’ has embraced the Internet with a vengeance while casting out much of what one would expect from a newspaper or even web site. In fact, the MAJORITY of blogs and non-professional web sites which I visit have higher journalistic standards than the DM. Its failure to attend to egregious errors or to perform fact checking comes to the fore in this daily series until… well probably forever as there are typically 3 or 4 errors per day to be found on the site.


This one is a gem. “The Baguette” was an odd filler article with many photos of people substituting everyday articles with a baguette. Odd but true. This was clearly written by someone whose first language was probably Hindi given the syntactic abuses and oddities here. You do not need to see the images to NOT understand this. Enjoy!


Baguette1 Baguette2 Baguette3 Baguette4 Baguette5 Baguette6 Baguette7 Baguette8 Baguette9




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