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Brussels Diamond Heist

In Law and Order on February 19, 2013 at 8:00 am



There is something remarkably joyous about a good old-fashioned heist where a large amount of property with an incredibly high value is taken, the ‘job’ is flawlessly executed, and no-one is hurt. In refer, in particular, to the diamond heist at Brussels Airport, Zaventum. Michael Caine could not have done it better.

From the BBC News article:


“An airport spokesman, Jan Van Der Crujsse, said the robbers made a hole in the perimeter fence and drove up next to the Swiss passenger plane that was preparing to leave.”


This raises a couple of very basic questions.


1. It was apparently very easy to gain access to a jet with passengers on board as it ‘was preparing to leave’.


2. Why is such a high value cargo being shipped with passengers, placing them in potential danger?


Oh well…


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