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Why You Are Being Mis-sold The Keystone XL Pipeline

In Business & Finance, Life & Style on March 12, 2013 at 8:00 am

Compare the sources to the proposed pipeline map and join the dots yourself…

Well it is not the pipeline itself, it is the false reasons for why it should go ahead. Here and other stuff here..
It is being touted as ‘bringing energy independence to America’ yet…

1. The oil and gas pipeline links the one from the Marcellus Shale fields, as well as several other oil/gas fields along the way, and (see map information here) allows the easy tap in from the others along the way.

2. IF the energy is for ‘independence’ then why does it terminate in a tax free zone in the south of the US. There are several reasons and they all have to do with MONEY. Canada wants to export theirs as their domestic market is very small, the cost of building a pipeline to the west for export to China is too prohibitive, many of the ‘Canadian’ energy companies are anything but Canadian due to the board member make up and investors too, and the cash would be good. The US has the refineries, distribution, and storage in the south which needs to be utilised to get a return on the investment.

All in all, it IS all about the money and zero to do with caring for the long term ‘energy independence’ of the US. China is strangely quiet about their own production / usage stats but are buying more than they are digging out of the ground. As a long term strategy this will place them in a very strong economic position in the future.


However, to assuage any fears people may have about energy there is this here. Apparently….


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