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Cuts To Social Security…

In Business & Finance, Law and Order, Politics on April 6, 2013 at 8:00 am

SOcial Security Card

The announcement today that Obama is likely to agree to a Republican proposed cut in Social Security is an atrocious act which will damage the well being of large numbers of Americans. It is nothing more than a scam whereby neither side can be said to be directly to blame. The debt which America has CANNOT be reduced in a reasonable length of time. Taking action to cut the entitlement that people have to a system to which they have contributed all of their lives attacks the very heart of the whole scheme. It is exactly what it says on the tin. Social. Security.

Social Security doesn’t belong in the budget talks because it isn’t contributing to the deficit and is separately financed with its own dedicated taxes.

This is a Reverse Robin Hood Deal replacing what should be social security with social injustice. Taking from the poor to give to the rich. Anyone with a single ounce of common sense will see that it will have a huge impact upon the elderly while the rich will easily be able to exploit the changes to taxation by employing yet another accounting ‘trick’ to magic away their wealth. It is very, very wrong.

Bank Robber

This is one more example of ordinary citizens being blamed and punished for the fiscal irresponsibility of successive governments of both parties regardless of their politics. A government which is supposed to represent the people and work on their behalf to ensure a stable and secure society. It is clear to many that the government is working only for their own interests, large corporations,  and the wealthy. Bankers and financiers who have committed egregious acts leading to the loss and theft of money from society are allowed to get away without punishment.


Slipped through as part of the sequestration and virtually unreported was what is being called the ‘Monsanto Bill‘ or ‘Monsanto Protection Act’. A last minute addition that was not debated and yet has significant benefits to the GMO industry and the likes of Monsanto. It allows the organisations to plant seeds which have not been approved and are under dispute within the legal system to be planted by farmers. i.e. seed which has been genetically modified but which has not received approval for planting and distribution into the food chain. Very alarming indeed.


Another egregious demonstration of cronyism is the proposal (again with little coverage) by the Attorney General to push forward a plan to reduce Enron’s former CEO Skilling’s sentence by nearly fifteen years. Here.

Life! Huh!

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