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Enron’s Skilling – Proposed Reduction In His Sentence!!!

In Business & Finance, Law and Order, Politics on April 11, 2013 at 8:00 am

Justice NOT Blind



This is a huge miscarriage of justice and is only being done due to the ‘inconvenience and cost’ being faced due to the many appeals and counter appeals being raised. Oh, and a couple of other reasons I am sure!


A ‘justice’ system gone mad… I had already mentioned this story re Enron’s former CEO Skilling being scheduled for early release on the blog here. This was something I accidentally stumbled on before it started to become more noticed. The rest of the media is beginning to pick up on it although a story of this stature appears to be rather low on the news radar. Perhaps this is due to the hearing being due to be heard in a few days. Process it quick and then shrug your shoulders going ‘Well we did give people ample notice!’ More on this here.

Incidentally, Matt Taibbi has an interesting article on the ‘Three Strikes And You Are Out’ rule for offenders in the US… here. There is one tale of woe where someone has (I believe) a 25 year sentence for a crime involving something to the value of 94 cents. Whatever your currency, dwell on that and do the conversion. Not between the dollar and your currency, but between the respective crimes and the penalties. Plus of course the reasoning behind any form of sentence ‘adjustment’…

Thanks to RD for the new link.


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