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In Technology on April 16, 2013 at 8:00 am




A wonderful retro game that will drive you crazy… here.


From elsewhere…


“Bump is a turn based game…

The maps are randomly generated and often seem impossible. They are less daunting if you know certain facts:

You can move sideways into stationary spikes, just not on top of them.

When you bounce into blocks, you affect everything in that column. Gems turn to points and spikes drill downward (potentially destroying other spikes or clearing paths).

Bump! has that Spelunky feel where simple rules generate a rich texture of micro-challenges. It takes that feel and polishes it into a minimalist jewel that takes minutes to play and never gets frustrating.

You die, the word DEAD laconically appears for a few seconds, then you’re back again, honing your movements until they approach the effortless speed that the platform trappings suggest.”


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